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 Whitney has changed my life and is unlike any therapist I have ever worked with.  She has a free-flowing yet intuitive style, asking timely questions that guide a journey in conversation and allow realizations to unfold.  I consider her a trusted confidant.  She has helped me open and explore my psyche, while helping me build strength from within.  -RW

When I met Dr. Windham last year, I was an anxious mess.  Social anxiety and anxiety in general were preventing me from being the mom and employee I wanted to be.  Whitney helped me understand the physiological basis of anxiety and taught me cognitive behavioral “tips and tricks” to settle down and settle into the life I’ve always wanted and needed.  – AS

I’ve been putting off therapy my whole life.  At 55, I finally decided to deal with the trauma I suffered as a kid.  I didn’t know what to expect at my first visit, but Whitney had me talking immediately.  I love that she is genuinely a funny human.  She was able to take the edge off some super serious sessions.  You’ll feel right at home on her couch whether laughing or crying.  -RD




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